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Walking you through each step of Accreditation, Recertification & Training…



Taking a leap to own and operate a home health agency is a big step and it requires the right tools and support to ensure the process goes smoothly. For startup agencies, we assess your current state of formation and provide you with the basic information you need to begin the journey of certification and accreditation. 

Phase I is a four-hour preliminary assessment that includes reviewing your business objectives and incorporation structure; facility walk-through; Medicare pre-certification checklist; CMS and "Deemed Status" applications; financial and capitalization requirements.

Phase II requires a contractual agreement, which includes our commitment for nine months to one year. It occurs after the initial assessment. Our team assists with reviewing all of your policies, procedures, manuals, and reporting protocols as required by the applicable crediting and certifying entities.  Additionally, we will provide prep-survey support for Home Health Agency which includes state licensure (if required), CMS application, accreditation applications for CHAP, Joint Commission and ACHC. Additional services for this phase include but not limited to survey preparation in governance, human resources, quality assurance, plan of care compliance and adverse/sentinel events.

Phase III continues support on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis once certification and accreditation is finalized. This includes training and development and our support updating any forms, templates, or reporting as required by any new laws, rules, or regulations during our contractual service delivery period. 


Once your agency is fully accredited and certified, we are here to help new and existing clients with their commitment to delivering optimal care by providing continued support through our recertification services. During this process, we review your codes, policies, reporting, governance, and activities to determine your level of compliance with applicable rules, laws, and regulations. After which, our team will implement a customized success plan to being recertified.    

Under a three to six-month contract, clients will receive assistance assessing the human resources packages, medication management protocol, infection control guidelines, emergency preparedness. Other services will include: internal auditing, pre-and-post survey support, facility posting's review and quality assurance. 

Upon recertification or reaccreditation, an on-going compliance service contract is available in intervals of monthly, quarterly and bi-annually. Annual contracts are also an option based on assessment. Under this contract, we will audit your reports, best practices, and other operating documentation.  We also update any forms, templates, or reporting required by any new laws, rules, or regulations during our contractual service delivery period. 

Delivery of care isn't possible without a dedicated and well-trained staff. In order to ensure staff is up-to-date and equipped to handle various scenarios such as infection control and emergency preparedness, we provide fee-based training and professional development in-services as well.