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Welcome to the compliance corner! This is a dedicated area where we highlight a compliance topic that may have regulatory updates, address frequently asked questions or even share best practices from the field. This section will be updated quarterly.  Our first topic of discussion is Emergency Preparedness.  An emergency is typically unexpected and sometimes costly if the right steps are not in place to properly prepare whether it’s a natural or manmade incident. Examples of emergencies that may affect delivery of care are floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, chemical spills, explosions or radiological accidents. As caregivers, patient safety is paramount during an emergency along with adherence to federal and state regulations.

Effective November 16, 2016, the CMS released a new rule for surveyors, providers and suppliers to ensure adequate planning and coordination with regional and national emergency preparedness agencies. The rule is entitled, Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers. Those entities affected by this regulation was required to be compliant by November 15, 2017 to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid program. Essentially, there are four core elements of the Emergency Preparedness Program and each element of the plan must be reviewed and updated annually.

    all providers must develop an emergency plan using an all-hazards approach, along with identifying in advance essential functions and responsible designee during the crisis

    should be developed based on the plan (e.g. medical documentation, evacuation or shelter)

    provide alternate means of communication, provide info to local authorities, sharing medical and occupancy information and ability to aid other facilities in the community

    train staff and test the plan through drills

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